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Horizon plugin support for Quotas and Service Info for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
Summary ======= The goal of this blueprint is to make the quotas form in Project page and default quota page pluggable and allow horizon plugins to register their quota resources. Motivation ======== Currently, Quota form in Project page, default quotas and service info contains only compute/volume/network informat...
Python 3.5 support for openstack i18n
The goal of this blueprint is to support python 3 in our scripts. Python 3.5 support is one of the community goal in Pike. The scope of the work are as follows: * Python 3 support for existing scripts * Testing of scripts with python 3 (blocked by discu...
Add support for cinder generic volume groups for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
This feature will replace the volume-consistency-groups feature added to Horizon in Newton. Cinder added generic-volume-groups in Newton as a replacement to the more restrictive volume-consistency-groups. The main role of volume-consistency-groups is for ensuring that multiple volumes can be snapshot or backed-up a...
Horizon Quotas Rework for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
The Horizon quota code is a mess that needs redesign. Goals should be that quotas are easy to plug and play - i.e. add and remove as needed within a deployment.