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This blueprint page is used to track the progress of policy-in-code This is a community wide goal defined in NOTE: gerrit will automatically convert topic names if we include 'blueprint XXXX' in commit messages, so we don't include blueprint get...
Python 3.5 support for openstack i18n
The goal of this blueprint is to support python 3 in our scripts. Python 3.5 support is one of the community goal in Pike. The scope of the work are as follows: * Python 3 support for existing scripts * Testing of scripts with python 3 (blocked by discu...
Add support for cinder generic volume groups for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
This feature will replace the volume-consistency-groups feature added to Horizon in Newton. Cinder added generic-volume-groups in Newton as a replacement to the more restrictive volume-consistency-groups. The main role of volume-consistency-groups is for ensuring that multiple volumes can be snapshot or backed-up a...
Horizon Quotas Rework for OpenStack Dashboard (Horizon)
The Horizon quota code is a mess that needs redesign. Goals should be that quotas are easy to plug and play - i.e. add and remove as needed within a deployment.