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Takes a single html file (such as created by asciidoc) and converts it into a set of pages with navigation links


* Takes a single large html document output by asciidoc and subdivides it into separate pages based on headings, with a table of contents providing links.
* Style sheet copied into a separate file.
* Copies any images into images/ folder, or redirects to a http address.
* Navigation links at the top of each page to move forward/backward or up the hierarchy of pages.
* Text before the first h2-level section is copied into a 'prelude' page.
* CMS flags embed CSS styles and remove header/footer information, for copy-paste into CMS/emails.


Usage: html2pages [-chsv] [-d value] [-i value] [-p value] [-t value] filename
 -c, --cms Prepare file for CMS (embeds css, removes header/footer)
 -d, --directory=value
                    Target directory for output (default "pages")
 -h, --help Show help information
 -i, --images=value
                    http (copy yourself) or relative directory (auto-copied) for
 -p, --part2=value Name for <h2> level pages (default "Chapter")
 -s, --cms2 Prepare file for CMS, and split at <h2> level
 -t, --title=value Title of created web pages
 -v, --version Displays the version number

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Peter Lane
Peter Lane
Simplified BSD Licence

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