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iHRIS Qualify is a health worker training, licensing and certification tracking system. The system enables a licensing or certification authority for a health worker cadre, such as nurses or physicians, to track data on the complete cadre in a country from pre-service training through attrition.

iHRIS Qualify is a free, Open Source software solution distributed under the GPL and developed by The Capacity Project, an innovative global initiative to help developing countries build and sustain the health workforce. The database captures information about health professionals from the time they enter pre-service training through registration, certification and licensure, and it is updated every time a professional's license or certification is renewed. This system is also capable of tracking continuing medical education attained by health workers, capturing data about foreign-trained workers applying to work within the country and recording out migration verification requests.

iHRIS Qualify is intended for use by a health cadre licensing or certification authority. This authority is generally an autonomous council that regulates the registration, operations and conduct of a cadre of medical professionals within a country's health workforce. The council may be charged with enforcing minimum qualifications for students entering health training programs, administering national-level examinations that qualify a graduating student to practice within the country, maintaining licenses for health professionals that are renewed periodically, verifying that continuing medical education requirements have been completed before renewing licenses, issuing private practice licenses to qualified health professionals, verifying qualifications of foreign-trained health workers applying to work within the country and verifying qualifications of health workers applying to work in foreign countries. The council would use iHRIS Qualify to capture, update and report on data from all of these activities.

Typically, there are separate authorities to regulate doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and allied health professionals. Each separate authority would maintain its own iHRIS Qualify system, but data from all systems may be aggregated to provide a complete picture of the country's health workforce. A policy maker can analyze the data captured by iHRIS Qualify to answer critical human resources for health policy and management questions.

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