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Write reminders on notes with Indicator Stickynotes for Ubuntu; written in Python3 and GTK3

DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL Indicator Stickynotes on Ubuntu and Debian derivatives (Linux Mint, etc) using the PPA (ppa:umang/indicator-stickynotes).


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Indicator Stickynotes is licensed under the GNU GPL v3. Translations are licensed under the BSD license.

As of July 2015, this project will only receive bug fix updates. You may fork Indicator Stickynotes if you want to take it further or in a different direction. No major updates are expected after 0.5.0, but translation and bug fix updates will continue.

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Umang Varma
Umang Varma
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trunk series 

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Simplified BSD Licence, GNU GPL v3

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indicator-stickynotes trunk series is the current focus of development


Latest version is 0.5.4
released on 2015-09-25

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