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Insurance Cycle is a software that manages all aspects of the insurance cycle, from quote to policy to bills to claims through program change. Originated in a non-standard Insurance environment.

This software is design for Property and Casualty with concentration in automotive insurance. Project is in its initial stages, file definitions are gathers and initial project design is set. If you have experience with Insurance software, or have question feel free to email us. We do offer commercial support.

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(+ Other. #Insurance Cycle tries to provide as broad industry coverage as possible under number of flexible licenses, designed to meet the usage and distribution requirements of different types of users: #For Open Source Projects: If you are developing and distributing open source applications under the GPL License, then you are free to use this software under the GPL License.#For Commercial OEMs, ISVs and VARs: For OEMs, ISVs, and VARs who distribute Insurance cycle with their products, and do not license and distribute their source code under the GPL, we provides a flexible OEM Commercial License. #For Web Sites, Enterprise IT, and Government IT: Insurance Cycle Enterprise is the comprehensive subscription offering that provides software developers and programmers with everything they need to successfully develop and deploy Insurance solutions with Insurance Cycle. It includes Certified Software, updates and upgrades, proactive alerts and advisors, and full production-level technical support. The Certified Software is provided under the GPL License. Optionally, customers may choose a Commercial License. # We believe in open source software. We encourage everyone to publish open source software under the GPL License.)

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Latest version is 0.7
released on 2008-11-27

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