IVLE 1.0.1 "notthefirsttime"

Fixing the bugs discovered in the first week.

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William Grant
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1 David Coles, 1 Matt Giuca, 2 William Grant
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Bugs fixed since 1.0:
 - A crash will no longer occur if environment corruption causes Apache to omit the PATH variable (bug #529741).
 - User CGI scripts can no longer cause IVLE to falsely log exceptions by faking error headers (bug #531122).
 - An exception will no longer be logged for each unsuccessful repository path existence check (bug #531115).
 - All links should now have the correct cursor. Previously some JavaScript links would use the normal arrow cursor.

Features since 1.0:
 - Users may now retrieve their Subversion password and repository URL from their settings page (bug #528450).

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
529741 #529741 Console crashes on startup with KeyError: 'PATH' for os.environ 2 Critical David Coles  10 Fix Released
531122 #531122 User CGIs shouldn't able to crash IVLE by faking exception headers 4 Medium William Grant  10 Fix Released
528450 #528450 Need to be able to get SVN password from the UI 5 Low Matt Giuca  10 Fix Released
531115 #531115 404 on svnrepostat gets logged 5 Low William Grant  10 Fix Released
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