Registered 2010-06-20 by Niel Drummond

An Html5-Canvas implementation of the flash API for the haXe programming language.

This project implements flash API calls as javascript counterparts, allowing rapid development of common flash-like idioms. See the website for some examples.

The main repository for this project is hosted as part of NME:

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Niel Drummond
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MIT / X / Expat Licence

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  • Bug tracker moved on 2012-09-14
    The bug tracker is now hosted on atlassian:
  • Adopted by NME on 2012-04-28
    The jeash project is now part of NME
  • Switch to git on 2011-11-16
    The main repository has switched to git:
  • Release 0.8.6 on 2011-11-13
    This is a maintenance release that brings it compatible with haxe 2.08.