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Quicklist editor, with a graphical interface, to add,/remove entries, dividers, groups of actions, url etc.

QLE Unity Quicklist Editor

The one and only goal of the QLE Unity Quicklist Editor is to make the options of Unity quicklists accessible in a convenient way. The challenge is to offer a clear set of features, fit for both inexperienced people as well as more advanced users.
Version 2.0 is a completely rewritten version; all procedures “under the hood” were renewed to bug-free edit a broader variety of quicklists and catch more exceptions. The current version was tested on Ubuntu versions 12.04, 13.10, 14.04 and 14.10, and covers both “old style” and “new style” quicklists (“Ayatana“ and “Actions” -types).


1. Add a new entry -basic option
This option gives you full control to create a new entry in the selected quicklist. As a consequence, you have to be familiar with how commands are stated.

2. Add a new entry -advanced options
This option is actually a set of options to create new “pre cooked” entries, it offers to do part of the job for you in more or less common situations, including:
adding directories to a quicklist
adding URLs
adding dividers
adding shortcuts to applications (automatically, by a presented list of applications)
adding virtual boxes you created with VirtualBox
adding LibreOffice modules (same story)
creating (adding to the quicklist) rsync backup jobs by just a few mouse clicks
import entries from other existing quicklists (!) by a few mouse clicks
3. Removing entries from a quicklist
4. Moving an entry up or down in the quicklist
5. Edit an existing entry's name or command
6. Change the icon of an existing quicklist with a few mouse clicks
7. Restore the original quicklist; return to the quicklist as it was before you edited it with the editor
8. Create new quicklists

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Jacob Vlijm

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