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Registered 2012-06-19 by Kapil Thangavelu

Juju management UI

Juju-GUI is a web-based GUI for Juju <https://juju.ubuntu.com/>. Juju lets you deploy connected services to the cloud in a convenient, vendor-neutral, and powerful way. The GUI lets you visualize and manage your work more intuitively from a web browser.

See also:

- the stable demo <http://jujucharms.com/sidebar/>;
- the staging server <http://comingsoon.jujucharms.com/>, which is reset every 15 minutes;
- the charm store page <http://jujucharms.com/precise/juju-gui>; and
- our blog <http://jujugui.wordpress.com/>.

Code is hosted on github <https://github.com/juju/juju-gui>

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Part of:
Juju Project
Juju GUI Hackers
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Juju GUI Hackers
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stable series 

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Programming Languages:
GNU Affero GPL v3
(tbd, will be GPL in future, private for now.)
Commercial subscription expires 2022-09-25

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juju-gui stable series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 1.0.2
released on 2014-04-09

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