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Kairos is a GNU/Linux distribution aimed at multi-user environments, specifically at environments where many users might share only a few workstations. Although specified and developed in 2005, it still keeps up with current Linux multimedia developments, to satisfy heterogenous user wishes.

Kairos is built on the shoulders of these giants:

    * The Kairos 1.0 release series is based on the rock-solid Debian sarge release.
    * Kairos 2.0 (currently in development) will be ported over to the Ubuntu distribution, specifically the release 8.04 LTS.

Install CD images cannot currently be hosted on this server, but are available upon request. You are also invited to use our package repository directly, by putting the following in your /etc/apt/sources.list line:

# Kairos:
deb kairos main non-free

# Debian sarge:
deb sarge main

However, the authors would recommend to wait for release 2.0, which is expected in Q3/2008.

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