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Labtools is software is developed to facilitate the daily work in a molecular biology laboratory. It includes three small tools that can make scientists life easier. The software is aimed to be used on the lab bench, for instance on a tablet or smart phone running Ubuntu OS.

Ligation Guru
A Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) Ligation is a reaction of joining the ends of two DNA molecules catalyzed by an enzyme called DNA Ligase. The efficiency of this reaction depends dramatically on choosing optimal ratio of the components. Ligation Guru will assist the scientist in designing optimal reaction condition to achieve maximum efficiency.

Good Solution
Making chemical solutions is one of the most boring tasks in the lab. The aim of the Good Solution tool is to make this job at least easier. The tool helps to calculate required weight of a given compound to achieve certain concentration in a given volume of solution.

A common practise in the lab is to prepare high concentrated (so called “stock”) solutions that are later diluted to required working concentration. The Mixer tool provides a convenient interface for calculating the necessary solution volumes.

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