Launchpad 2.2.6 released

Written for Launchpad Suite by Matthew Revell on 2009-06-29

The Launchpad team is proud to announce Launchpad 2.2.6, released on June
24th 2009!

In this release we have:

 * enhanced bug tag search
 * project timeline graphs
 * series dashboards: one page with all you need to track a series' progress.

Read on for more!

Enhanced bug tag search

Bug tags just became more useful: we've enhanced bug tag search so you can
search for the absence of tags.

Let's say you're spending one week working on bugs tagged "ui" and the next
week on bugs tagged "help-text". Some of bugs may have both the "ui" and
"help-text" tags. If you'd prefer to stick to pure user interface issues, you
can search for those bugs that have a "ui" tag but not a "help-text" tag.

See Gavin's blog post for more:

Project timeslines

Getting a feel for a project's level of activity can mean trawling through
commit messages, mailing lists and bug reports. If all you want is a quick
overview, take a look at the new timeline on project overview pages.

With one glance, you can see how many series, milestones and releases the
project has.

See our blog post for more:

Series dashboards

If you need more detailed information on a project's status, you'll want to
use the new series overview pages. They work just like a dashboard for that
series, showing you:

 * the status of bugs and blueprints for each milestone in the series
 * where to find the main code branch for the series
 * if and where the software is packaged.

Take a look at our blog post on series dashboards:

Trac migration kit

A while back, the Elisa project migrated from Trac to Launchpad. They wrote a
tool to help them move. Since then, Launchpad developer Graham has done
further work on the tool and now it's available under the GPLv3.

Read Graham's blog post:

How to get your translations and templates into Launchpad

If you're considering using Launchpad to translate your project, take a look
at our newly updated guide to getting your templates (.pot file) and
translations (.po files) into Launchpad.

Also in this release

For full details of the bugs and blueprints that make up
Launchpad 2.2.6 visit its milestone page:

If you come across a bug, please report it here:

See you next time

Launchpad 2.2.7 is due on the 21st of July.

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