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A desktop application to participate in online learning events.

A recent lernid is available for Trusty, Vivid, Wily, Xenial and Yakkety.

To install the upstream version on the above releases:

Add one of the PPA's below and then install it with either

$ sudo aptitude install lernid
or use the Ubuntu Software Center



The #ubuntu-classroom is now inactive and #ubuntu-charlas hasn't been used in quite a while either. Nevertheless, Lernid can be used to easily review the irc chat logs of past classes.

It's possible for other classrooms (perhaps for low bandwidth parts of the world) to be added to Lernid with a separate package which in turn depends on the lernid package.

Note: If you want to suggest a new feature for Lernid, please register a blueprint instead of reporting a bug.

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Latest version is 1.0.8

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  • Lernid 1.0.1 on 2014-02-03
    New Lernid bug fix release 1.0.1 is now available. Our thanks to Mohammad Ab...
  • New Lernid Release 0.8.2 on 2011-09-15
    Lernid version 0.8.2 has been released, both upstream and to the Ubuntu devel...
  • New Lernid Website on 2009-12-24
    Just a quick announcement: I have created a website for Lernid at https://wik...
  • Daily Lernid builds are now available! on 2009-12-06
    Thanks to the awesome Nathan Handler, we now have a PPA with daily Lernid bui...