Drizzle Client & Protocol Library 5.1.3 "Edgefield"

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Drizzle Client & Protocol Library
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Andrew Hutchings
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download icon libdrizzle.pdf (md5) Documentation 149
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Release notes 

This release signifies a freeze in the 5.1 API. Any further API changes will happen in the 5.2 tree. Bug fixes will go into both.

Changes in this release:
* drizzle_binlogs tool has been removed. It is now maintained in the drizzle-tools repository (https://launchpad.net/drizzle-tools/)
* connection code has been re-factored. Options processing is greatly improved and there is only one API call to create a connection now
* drizzle_escape_string has been made safer, drizzle_hex_string and drizzle_mysql_password_hash have been dropped
* general API cleanups
* internal state system re-factored to be dynamic
* binlog API re-factored to use a callback system


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1096032 #1096032 make SSL non-blocking 4 Medium   6 Confirmed
1093591 #1093591 add test setup/teardown 4 Medium   7 Triaged
662995 #662995 Blocking API used to resolve host names 5 Low Andrew Hutchings  7 Triaged
1093590 #1093590 add SSL test case 5 Low Andrew Hutchings  7 Triaged
1092896 #1092896 Replace bitwise stuff with something else 4 Medium   8 In Progress
1094552 #1094552 push/pop needs to be replaced 4 Medium Brian Aker  10 Fix Released
1094643 #1094643 binlog should have a callback API 5 Low Andrew Hutchings  10 Fix Released
1094441 #1094441 Improve string functions 6 Wishlist Brian Aker  10 Fix Released
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