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libmythtv-java is Java API for accessing the functionality of the MythTV ecosystem. It provides access to the low-level network protocol used for communication with a MythTV backend instance, the frontend network control socket, the HTTP interface provided by both the frontend and backend, the MythTV database, and a high-level API that abstracts all of the lower level communications into one, consistent interface.

Downloads are available through this project on Launchpad and via Maven Central groupId:org.syphr/artifactId:libmythtv-java. Each sub-module is available in Maven Central under its own artifactId (i.e. the backend protocol is available as libmythtv-protocol).

Version control is available through this project on Launchpad (imported) or from GitHub at

Please note that this project and its author are not in any way affiliated with the MythTV project and are in no way endorsed by that project or its authors.

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Gregory Moyer
Gregory Moyer
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