Registered 2014-12-19 by Paul "LeoNerd" Evans

This library provides an abstracted mechanism for building interactive full-screen terminal programs. It provides a full set of output drawing functions, and handles keyboard and mouse input events.

It provides the following features:

    A full set of terminal rendering attributes; bold, italics*, underline, reverse, strikethough*, alternate font*
    256 and 24-bit (16million) colours*
    Mouse including mouse wheel and recognition of position reporting greater than 224 columns*
    Keyboard input via libtermkey including arbitrary modifiers
    Arbitrary scrolling regions*
    Synchronous or asynchronous operation via file descriptors, or abstract IO via byte buffers
    Allows multiple instances within a single application
    Fully UTF-8 and Unicode aware, including non-BMP, fullwidth and combining characters

*: Not all terminals may support these features

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Paul "LeoNerd" Evans
MIT / X / Expat Licence

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