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This project provides a script capable of purging excessive kernels from Ubuntu Linux even in tricky conditions. It is versatile; it can do automatic purging and manual purging optionally using a checklist. It can take into account that some kernels are needed for kernels updates. It has text-based interface, so it can be used over ssh connection in terminal. Bash completion function makes using the script by command line convenient. The script also has a manual page (that you can use by "man linux-purge" in terminal emulator once you have installed the script).

The software does not work on Ubuntu 12.04 or older.

Howto install linux-purge:
Howto update linux-purge:
Howto uninstall linux-purge:

There are a couple of demo videos showcasing use of (old version of) linux-purge:
Basic usage:

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Jarno Suni

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