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LinuxDC++ is a Direct Connect client for Linux based on DC++.

Utilizing the latest DC++ core, LinuxDC++ offers similar functionality to the Windows client like segmented downloading, TTH based file integrity, etc. with a GTK+ user interface. LinuxDC++ is free and open source software licensed under the GPL.

Direct Connect (DC) is a peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol. Clients connect to a central hub where they can chat or share files with one another. Users can view other users' list of shared files or search the hub for files.

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LinuxDC++ Team
LinuxDC++ Team

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Latest version is 1.1.0
released on 2011-04-17

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  • Mailing List Created on 2011-04-19
    We created a new, open launchpad team for anyone interested in staying up-to-...
  • LinuxDC++ 1.1.0 released on 2011-04-17
    LinuxDC++ 1.1.0 is a major milestone encapsulating over two years worth of ef...
  • Internationalization Support on 2011-02-05
    We've added internationalization support to LinuxDC++ so it can now support t...
  • PPAs now available on 2009-11-11
    The LinuxDC++ team is for the first time offering official debian binaries of...
  • 1.0.3 Released on 2009-02-02
    LinuxDC++ 1.0.3 has been released. This release adds search grouping and fixe...