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LinuxHA provides fast and easy deployment of a high-availability cluster. The cluster is easily controlled with an included web-based graphical user interface.

A brief history of LinuxHA:

In 2010 I was studying Microsoft Windows Server 2008 in-depth. I was planning on obtaining my Microsoft Certified IT Professional certification from Umpqua Community College. At the same time, I was studying Linux in-depth and extensively involved in writing Bourne Again shell (Bash) scripts to automate the installation and configuration of open-source software.

One day I had an idea. I wondered if it is possible to write a Bash script that automatically installs and configures all the necessary open-source software to create a server that contains the same technology included with Windows Server 2008. I wanted to create a master script that installs and configures all the software at once, similar to how Windows Server 2003 is designed.

Two years later after countless hours of development, I finally had an alpha test script that was ready for testing with Ubuntu Server 12.04. I had to do some comparative analysis. I obtained a copy of Apple Macintosh Snow Leopard Server with a modified boot loader that allowed it to run on a VirtualBox virtual machine. I installed Windows Server 2012 Datacenter on the third virtual machine. I was fascinated to find out that not only do the Ubuntu Server software repositories contain the exact same open-source software found in Macintosh Server, but the exact same technology found in Windows Server!

I knew at that point after finding out that Ubuntu Server is superior to Macintosh Server and Windows Server that I was on the right path by rewriting all my Debian Linux Bash scripts to work with Ubuntu Server.

When I started developing LinuxHA, it was honestly like climbing Mount Everest. I thought I would never get this far. This monumental project has finally reached completion. After several years of development and extensive debugging, I can finally say LinuxHA is ready for use.

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Travis Bean
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