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1 Alberto Donato, 2 Andres Rodriguez, 1 Anthony Dillon, 2 Blake Rouse, 1 Manoj Iyer, 3 Newell Jensen, 2 Steve Rydz
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1821658 #1821658 [UI 2.6.x] Events do not show up in the UI 2 Critical   10 Fix Released
1806112 #1806112 [2.5, UI] Creating a bridge or a bond with subnet/IP mode doesn't keep subnet/ip mode settings 3 High Steve Rydz  10 Fix Released
1812355 #1812355 [UI, websocket] Include the machine note in the WS 3 High Blake Rouse  10 Fix Released
1815136 #1815136 virsh power driver shouldn't allow passing in extra parameters 3 High Newell Jensen  10 Fix Released
1819229 #1819229 [2.6] When automatic image sync is disabled, warning message is inadequate 3 High Anthony Dillon  10 Fix Released
1821605 #1821605 [2.6] MAAS fails to power AMT when amtterm is not present, and not required 3 High Andres Rodriguez  10 Fix Released
1792965 #1792965 MAAS-dhcpd fails to start, commissioning fails 4 Medium Andres Rodriguez  10 Fix Released
1806099 #1806099 [2.5, UI] Creating/adding an interface (or a bond, bridge) w/ static IP assign, results in other IP being assigned 4 Medium Steve Rydz  10 Fix Released
1806862 #1806862 [2.5, UI] Tags don't show in the UI for controllers 4 Medium Newell Jensen  10 Fix Released
1817614 #1817614 MAAS power driver for openbmc using RESTful API 4 Medium Manoj Iyer  10 Fix Released
1819018 #1819018 Failed talking to pod: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'id' error 4 Medium Newell Jensen  10 Fix Released
1820998 #1820998 [2.5.2][proposed] skip_storage and skip_networking used during commissioning affect restore-storage-configuration and restore-networking-configuration 4 Medium Blake Rouse  10 Fix Released
1821095 #1821095 Cannot lock a machine that's in deploying state 4 Medium Alberto Donato  10 Fix Released
1757312 #1757312 [UI] Add search bar to dashboard as cannot use browser search 6 Wishlist   10 Fix Released
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