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ATTENTION: MadDM is now a plugin for MadGraph. In order to install it and run it, start madgraph and type

             install maddm

in the command line. Then exit and start maddm with ./

MadDM v.2.0 is numerical tool to compute dark matter relic abundance and dark matter nucleus scattering rates in a generic model. The code is based on the existing MadGraph 5 architecture and as such is easily integrable into any MadGraph collider study. A simple Python interface offers a level of user-friendliness characteristic of MadGraph 5 without sacrificing functionality.

MadDM is able to calculate the dark matter relic abundance in models which include a multi-component dark sector, resonance annihilation channels and co-annihilations.

The direct detection module of the MadDM code calculates spin independent / spin dependent dark matter-nucleon cross sections and differential recoil rates as a function of recoil energy, angle and time. The code provides a simplified simulation of detecor effects for a wide range of target materials and volumes.


MadDM now has its own command line which is designed to resemble the familiar madgraph command line structure.
For example, if you have a model name DMsimp with the dark matter candidate X (with mass MX) and mediator Y (with mass MY and width WY) in the model, you can generate relic density, direct detection etc. by executing the following commands (works as a script as well)

        import model DMsimp
        define darkmatter xd #This command is only necessary if you want to 'force' a DM candidate
        generate relic_density #You can also exclude particles with the '/' syntax
        add direct_detection
        output DMsimp
        #For the 'scan' syntax, any python command works!
        set MX scan:[x for x in range(1, 100)] #sequentially scan over the darkmatter mass (variable MX in this case).
        set MY scan:[x for x in range(1, 100)] #same over the mediator mass
        set WY AUTO

Voila! The output will show up as a 'scan...' file in the output folder of your project.

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Mihailo Backovic
Apache Licence, Simplified BSD Licence, Creative Commons - No Rights Reserved

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