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For now, please visit to find a more updated version of this app until changes are made to support changes made in 22.04.

Magick Rotation is an application that will help Dell, Fujitsu, HP, and Lenovo convertible tablet PC's automatically rotate screen orientation and devices that use the Wacom or evdev drivers.

To install run the MAGICK-INSTALL file in the unpacked magick-rotation folder. (Fedora ensure 'beesu' package installed. For versions 1.5 and earlier run the magick-rotation file.)
TESTING v. 1.7 beta - Unity App Indicator & gnome-shell updates at -> Code -> unstable branch -> rev. 45 -> download tarball, see FAQ 1406. (Saucy ensure 'gksu' package installed, Saucy Unity also install 'python-appindicator'.)
Note: the xinput utility is required. If 'xinput list' entered in a terminal
produces output it is installed.

Magick Rotation is not a Ubuntu specific application. Versions have worked in Arch, Fedora, Gentoo, Mandriva, and openSUSE among others.

The Magick Rotation Installer currently works with Fedora, LMDE, Mint, openSUSE, and Ubuntu.
(Other Distros may also be supported if they use the same package manager and library names etc. as one of the supported Distros. Debian may be an example.)

If the automatic installer does not work on your Distro follow the instructions in INSTALLER.txt.

Arch Linux PKGBUILD by jaclar available here:
Gentoo ebuild by Vadim Efimov available here:

Thank you to our testers on Ubuntu forums.
For the Dell XT & XT2's: wildschweini, enneract, Ubuntiac
For the Thinkpads: forti, supr0, linuxd00
For the Fujitsu's: dog-soldier, pvdh, Cobuntu

A special thank you to Robert Gerlach for his assistance in adding Fujitsu tablet PC support.

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Magick Admin Team

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