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Release notes 

This release contains no new features. It includes some i18n updates and a few bug fixes. See the Changelog for details.


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    - Fixed a typo in the German options.html template. (LP: #1562408)

    - An error in the Brazilian Portugese translation of Quarterly has been
      fixed thanks to Kleber A. Benatti.

    - The Brazilian Portugese translation has been updated by Emerson Ribeiro
      de Mello.

  Bug fixes and other patches

    - All addresses in data/virtual-mailman are now properly appended with
      VIRTUAL_MAILMAN_LOCAL_DOMAIN and duplicates are not generated if the
      site list is in a virtual domain. (LP: #1570630)

    - DMARC mitigations will now find the From: domain to the right of the
      rightmost '@' rather than the leftmost '@'. (LP: #1568445)

    - DMARC mitigations for a sub-domain of an organizational domain will now
      use the organizational domain's sp= policy if any. (LP: #1568398)

    - Modified to ensure that messages gated to Usenet have a
      non-blank Subject: header and when munging the Message-ID to add the
      original to References: to help with threading. (LP: #557955)

    - Fixed the pipermail archiver to do a better job of figuring the date of
      a post when its Date: header is missing, unparseable or has an obviously
      out of range date. This should only affect bin/arch as ArchRunner has
      code to fix dates at least if ARCHIVER_CLOBBER_DATE_POLICY has not been
      set to 0 in If posts have been added in the past to a list's
      archive using bin/arch and an imported mbox, running bin/arch again could
      result is some of those posts being archived with a different date.
      (LP: #1555798)

    - Fixed an issue with CommandRunner shunting a malformed message with a
      null byte in the body. (LP: #1553888)

    - Don't collapse multipart with a single sub-part inside multipart/signed
      parts. (LP: #1551075)

0 blueprints and 8 bugs targeted

Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1551075 #1551075 Content filtering breaks some PGP Mime signed messages. 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1570630 #1570630 Some entries in data/virtual-mailman can be duplicates or be missing VIRTUAL_MAILMAN_LOCAL_DOMAIN 4 Medium Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
557955 #557955 usenet threading improvements 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1553888 #1553888 CommandRunner shunts message with TypeError if message body is a null byte 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1555798 #1555798 bin/arch can throw ValueError on bad Date: headers 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1562408 #1562408 German translation typo 'letzte' 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1568398 #1568398 DMARC mitigation can be incorrectly (not) applied for a sub-domain. 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
1568445 #1568445 DMARC mitigation can check an invalid domain if the From: local part contains a quoted '@'. 5 Low Mark Sapiro  10 Fix Released
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