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A consolidated eye candy menu for MATE (fork of GnoMenu)
 MateNu brings eye candy to the world of MATE menus.
  * Fully functional menu
  * Supports themes
  * For composited or non-composited desktops
 It can emulate the look and feel of the most beautiful menus of
 most modern desktops, and it can also use custom menus, due to
 its powerful theme XML engine.

Note: this only for Launchpad bug reports, where a contributor, a small forum, etc. Official website at

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Azis naufal
Azis naufal

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1.0 series is the current focus of development.


Latest version is unstable

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  • We need translators.!!! on 2012-10-12
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  • MateNu 0.4 Released! on 2012-07-22
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  • MateNu 0.3 Bugfix on 2012-06-23
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