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There is a need to design and deploy an edge gateway API that will support application delivery through edge node in a provider network cluster. The API's for serving application should be light weight and preferably stateless and ability to migrate to statefull applications maintaining low latency of the order of few milliseconds with support for different mobile edge access through collaborating projects (Sound and Magnet).

The few goals are as follows:

1. Reuse existing OpenStack++/-- CMU (Elite in Open & Elisa at CMU) VM Cloudlet as base for developing light weight applications.
2. Extend the Elite APIs to support Light weight system containers(LXD) and/or (KVM) based single guest VM or LXC, that can address and support for development of applications at edge like AR & VR, for the emerging low latency applications.
3. Collaborate Opensource efforts like OEC, OpenDev/OpenStack, OpenFog, LF (CNCF/CNI) to define API's for hub and spoke and meshed clusters for supporting edge (branch) cloud offloading from central (campus) cloud. This effort we term as Secure Open User Network Daemon (Sound)
4, Migrate Industry Verticals /Horizontal Cloudlet based solutions like AR/VR, for mapping or migrating to Edge Cloud using Management and Network Orchestration module (Magnet) using Heat or Senlin clusters.

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