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Daniel van Vugt
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2 Alan Griffiths, 1 Alberto Aguirre, 5 Alexandros Frantzis, 1 Andreas Pokorny, 7 Daniel van Vugt, 2 Mir development team, 1 Robert Carr
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Release notes 

- Packaging changes:
  . Due to changes in the Mir driver model the client platforms are no
    longer versioned by soname. Thusly libmirplatform5driver-(mesa|android) is
    replaced by mir-client-platform-(mesa-android). A new package
    mir-client-platform-mesa-dev is introduced containing headers
    previously in mirplatform-dev.
- Enhancements:
  . Lots more major plumbing in the Android code, on the path to
    supporting external displays.
  . Add support for clang 3.6.
  . Major redesign of server classes in mir::shell,scene and friends
    (still in progress).
  . Added client API for creating dialogs and tooltips.
  . Added new surface states: mir_surface_state_hidden and
  . Performance: Use optimally efficient fragment shading when possible.
  . Performance: (Desktop) Composite using double buffering instead of
    triple to reduce visible lag.
  . mir_proving_server: Can now resize windows from any edge or corner
    using the existing Alt+middlebuttondrag.
  . mir_proving_server: Added some demo custom shaders (negative and
    high contrast modes: Super+N/C).
  . mir_proving_server: Can now close clients politely via Alt+F4.
  . Added MirPointerInputEvent (part of the new input API, the old
    MirMotionEvent is still supported also for now).
- ABI summary: Servers need rebuilding, but clients do not;
  . Mirclient ABI unchanged at 8
  . Mircommon ABI unchanged at 3
  . Mirplatform ABI bumped to 6
  . Mirserver ABI bumped to 29
- Bug fixes: See below.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1414630 #1414630 [regression] mir_demo_server exits immediately with boost bad_any_cast exception 2 Critical Andreas Pokorny  10 Fix Released
1418976 #1418976 mirclient ABI is broken in release 0.11 (prerelease) 2 Critical Mir development team  10 Fix Released
1324101 #1324101 need way to position menus and tooltips (relative positioning to parent) 3 High Alberto Aguirre  10 Fix Released
1395581 #1395581 Double-buffered surfaces may lag or freeze if event driven and not constantly redrawing 3 High Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1413748 #1413748 GLibMainLoopTest failure seen in CI 3 High Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1416317 #1416317 Clang builds fail in CI 3 High Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1416482 #1416482 segfault in mir::compositor::GLProgramFamily::Shader::init() 3 High Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
1350674 #1350674 GLRenderer: The default fragment shader is sub-optimal for alpha=1.0 4 Medium Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1350725 #1350725 mesa::DisplayBuffer::post_update is triple buffered - more laggy than it needs to be 4 Medium Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1379266 #1379266 Cannot connect to nested server when started from a differen vt 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1392256 #1392256 [testfail] AsioMainLoopAlarmTest fails in CI 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1407863 #1407863 mir-ubuntu-vivid-armhf-ci fails consistently 4 Medium Alexandros Frantzis  10 Fix Released
1408906 #1408906 Compositor report inconsistently reports frame time during bypass, and render time otherwise 4 Medium Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1413139 #1413139 [regression] mir_demo_client_fingerpaint doesn't paint anything any more (with the mouse) 4 Medium Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1417650 #1417650 Pointer motion and crossing events are missing 4 Medium Robert Carr  10 Fix Released
1274408 #1274408 Hardware cursor is always slightly ahead of the composited image 5 Low Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
1408231 #1408231 integration tests are outputting (too many) DisplayServer log messages 5 Low Alan Griffiths  10 Fix Released
1413479 #1413479 [regression] deploy-and-test.sh doesn't work any more (unless you have umockdev installed already) 5 Low Mir development team  10 Fix Released
1400580 #1400580 Color Inverse on display. Toggle Negative Image 6 Wishlist Daniel van Vugt  10 Fix Released
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