Ubuntu Music App 2.0 "remix"

Target to release 2.0 prior to RTM. The 2.0 milestone represents the new design of the Music app dubbed "remix".

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Ubuntu Music App
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2 Andrew Hayzen, 1 Music App Developers, 5 Victor Thompson
1 Implemented
1 Invalid, 1 Triaged, 7 Fix Released

1 blueprint and 9 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Music Remix for RTM Music Remix for RTM 5 Essential Music App Developers  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1248993 #1248993 If the play queue contains one single item, revealing the toolbar shifts it up 1 Undecided   3 Invalid
1291495 #1291495 Implement bottom edge design for toolbar and Now Playing page using Panel component 3 High   7 Triaged
1388428 #1388428 [remix] App fails to load when a song is deleted and the app attempts to restore it to the queue 2 Critical Victor Thompson  10 Fix Released
1372583 #1372583 [music] App doesn't explicitly say how to get music onto device 3 High Victor Thompson  10 Fix Released
1381522 #1381522 When receiving multiple separate imports the "Waiting for files" dialog never disappears 3 High Andrew Hayzen  10 Fix Released
1253761 #1253761 Implement initial conditional layout framework 4 Medium Andrew Hayzen  10 Fix Released
1297175 #1297175 Genres view can be hard to navigate 4 Medium Victor Thompson  10 Fix Released
1367499 #1367499 Missing README file 5 Low Victor Thompson  10 Fix Released
1377638 #1377638 [All Apps] Core apps should use the new splash screen features 5 Low Victor Thompson  10 Fix Released
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