MySQL Connector/Python 0.1.4 "volcano"

* Multi result set support for stored procedures
* Some optimizations

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MySQL Connector/Python
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Geert JM Vanderkelen
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12 Geert JM Vanderkelen
2 Implemented
10 Fix Released

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Release notes 

o Reading from network was broken for bigger packages.
o Reimplementing protocol.MySQLProtocol marking simpler and easier to
o It is now possible to send multiple statements to MySQL using
  MySQLCursor.execute(). The results are accessible by calling the method
o MySQLCursor.callproc() will now store all result sets as a
  MySQLCursorBuffered. They are accessible using the next_proc_resultset()
  method. The result of the stored procedure is returned by callproc()
  itself as defined by PEP249.
o MySQL DATETIME conversion to Python datetime.datetime is now much faster.
o Some overall performance improvements.
o Copyright notice changes


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238: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-20
  Fix raising errors
237: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-16
  Additional fix for bug lp:573274
236: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-16
  Fixes the operation not being encoded to character set
235: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-14
  Adding default collations to constants.CharacterSet
234: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-13
  Improving DATETIME to datetime.datetime conversion
233: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-05
  Adding support for Multiple Statements using MySQLCusor.execute()
232: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-05
  Adding new debug output 'mode' to utils._dump_buffer()
231: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-05-05
  Adding constants.flag_is_set helper method
230: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-04-29
  Removing debug code from MySQLCursor
229: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-04-24
  Fixing unittests checking temporal data
228: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-04-23
  Updating the ChangeLog for 0.1.4
227: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-04-23
 Adding support for multiple results sets returned by stored procedures
226: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-04-20
 Fixing compat with 2.5 and get_desc() now works
225: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-04-20
 Adding changes done since rev 220
224: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-03-19
 Reverting to use regular expressions when parting MySQL version
223: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-03-16
 Optimizing read_lc_string and fixing intread a bit
222: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-26
 Removing MySQLBase.conn, moving connection to MySQLProtocol
221: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-26
 Reimplementing protocol.MySQLProtocol
220: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-22
 Correct test case for bug lp:524668 using Py3k
219: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-22
 Removing socket flags when using UNIX socket
218: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-22
 Fix parsing MySQL versions which have none-digits
217: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-21
 Fix test case for Bug499362 to support older versions of MySQL
216: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-19
 Refactoring MySQLBaseConnection.recv()
215: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-18
 Moving packet header parsing into MySQLBaseConnection
214: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-18
 Refactoring utils.read_lc_string_list() back to original
213: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-18
 Removing unnecessary constants import
212: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-18
 Refactoring methods utils.intread and utils.read_int
211: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-18
 Refactoring MySQLBase._open_connection
210: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-18
 Refactoring MySQLProtocol.set_handshake
209: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-18
 Refactoring MySQLBase.set_autocommit
208: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-17
 Optimizing the CharacterSet constant
207: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-16
 Adding passwd as connection parameter
206: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-12
 Adding support Cygwin setting socket flags to zero
205: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-12
 Fix authentication by fixing utils.int1read()
204: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-12
 Reverting rev200
203: Geert Vanderkelen 2010-02-08
 Fix possible problem with socket.error without errno

2 blueprints and 10 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Support for Multiple Statements Support for Multiple Statements 3 Medium Geert JM Vanderkelen  11 Implemented
Support for multiple result sets Support for multiple result sets 1 Undefined Geert JM Vanderkelen  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
329397 #329397 Invalid packets on long running queries 2 Critical Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
524668 #524668 Error in server handshake with latest code 2 Critical Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
519301 #519301 Temporary connection failures with 2 exceptions 3 High Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
569254 #569254 Need support for multiple result sets returned by stored procedures 3 High Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
579864 #579864 CharacterSet.get_charset_info() should not default to a general collation 3 High Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
567549 #567549 CharacterSet desc member should be a list, not tuple 4 Medium Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
579789 #579789 DATETIME to Python types is to slow 4 Medium Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
567554 #567554 CharacterSet.get_desc fails 5 Low Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
512665 #512665 Support for Cygwin 6 Wishlist Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
576319 #576319 Missing module name(errors) when raise some InterfaceError and ProgrammingError in and 1 Undecided Geert JM Vanderkelen  10 Fix Released
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