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Release notes 

 - Improved error handling: send out an email if mail_report_on has been
   set to "errors" and a log message with log level LOG_ERR was logged.
 - Abort and clean up if the snapshot volume could not be mounted
 - Abort and clean up if the backup creation failed
 - Exit with a non-zero return code if errorstate was set
 - Enabled timestr() formatting sequences for snapshot volume names, to
   create snapshot names which contain a dynamic date value. This can
   be useful when thin provisioned snapshots are used as the actual backup
   by enabling the keep_snapshot option
 - Added "thin" option to mylvmbackup.conf (default=0), to enable
   thin provisioned LVM snapshots
 - Added new configuration option "recoveryopts" that allows to modify
   the command line options that are passed to the MySQL instance that
   performs the InnoDB recovery (BUG#544295 and BUG#1091950)
   The current default options are "--skip-networking --skip-grant
   --bootstrap --skip-syslog --skip-slave-start" (which better
   accommodates MySQL 5.1)
 - Merged patches from Alexandre Anriot to provide a mail reporting method
   which sends the log output via email and a new "purge" action that allows
   to only keep a defined number of backups in the backup directory
 - Applied patch contributed by Klaus Ethgen that removes the annoying LVM
   warnings about a leaked file descriptor (DBD:mysql does not add FD_CLOEXEC
   on the MySQL socket)
 - BUG#1086313: mvlvmbackup lacks support for 'thin' LVM snapshots
   (Thanks to Neil Wilson for the patch)
 - BUG#787063: Ensure to clean up temporary .pos files when the snapshot mount
   is kept, too
 - Applied small patch from Norbert Tretkowski: change umask to 077 before
   creating the tarball backup files to prevent them from being readable by
 - BUG#593220: Fixed the compressarg option for cat (removed the comment)
 - Applied patch contributed by Ben Bonnel to add a new configuration option
   "rsnaprsyncarg" that allows one to pass special options to the rsync process
   when using the rsnap backend.
 - Applied patch provided by Ask Bjørn Hansen to allow targets not to have a
   timestamp (e.g. for rsync targets)


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
403177 #403177 rsnap backuptype should allow passing arguments to rsync 4 Medium Lenz Grimmer  10 Fix Released
544295 #544295 Error in do_innodb_recover with MySQL 5.1.x 4 Medium Lenz Grimmer  10 Fix Released
593220 #593220 Please (re)move "# ie. nothing" from example config file 4 Medium Lenz Grimmer  10 Fix Released
1086313 #1086313 mvlvmbackup lacks support for 'thin' snapshots 4 Medium Lenz Grimmer  10 Fix Released
1091950 #1091950 mysqld_safe Can't log to error log and syslog at the same time 4 Medium Lenz Grimmer  10 Fix Released
787063 #787063 /tmp/*.pos is not deleted if the mount is kept 5 Low Lenz Grimmer  10 Fix Released
719999 #719999 Makefile option needed to rewrite Perl path 6 Wishlist Lenz Grimmer  10 Fix Released
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