Network Administration Visualized 3.7.4

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Network Administration Visualized
Morten Brekkevold
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Release notes 

 Release notes for NAV 3.7
Please report bugs at

If you are upgrading from versions of NAV older than 3.6, please refer
to the release notes of the in-between versions before reading any

Known problems
The latest TwistedSNMP version (0.3.13) contains a bug that manifests
in table retrival operations. Timeouts and retries aren't handled
properly, and this may cause slow or otherwise busy devices to be
bombarded with requests from NAV. The contrib/patches directory
contains a patch for TwistedSNMP that solves this problem. The patch
has been submitted upstream, but not yet accepted into a new release.

To see the overview of scheduled features and reported bugs on the 3.7 series
of NAV, please go to .

Upgrading from NAV 3.6

Database changes
There is a small database change to add geographical coordinates to rooms.
Please refer to the upgrade procedures documented in doc/sql/README.

Dependency changes
The following dependencies have changed since NAV 3.6:

* Python >= 2.5.0
* PostgreSQL >= 8.3


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Version 3.7.4
(released 27 January 2011)


  * LP#645892 (report: csv export does not export full report)
              This wasn't properly fixed in 3.6.0.
  * LP#702796 (Syntax error in

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645892 #645892 report: csv export does not export full report 4 Medium Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
702796 #702796 Syntax error in 4 Medium Morten Brekkevold  10 Fix Released
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