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NDB/Bindings is a project concerned with providing wrappers to the C++ NDBAPI. These connectors aim to allow low-level programmatic access to MySQL Cluster, also know as NDB, from various programming languages. Hopefully, once the doors are opened to the NDBAPI for people outside of the C++ world, many new and exciting ideas might emerge.

Source tarballs can be downloaded from:

Binaries for Ubuntu can be found in the PPA:

Currently, the following languages are supported:

    * Java
    * Python
    * Ruby
    * Perl
    * Lua
    * C#/CLR (only on mono for now... but a Windows port and working .NET implementation are on their way)
    * PHP (not useful from mod_php or from Apache, but useable standalone)

The Java code superseeds and includes the old standalone NDB/J. Subsequent development on NDB/J is housed within this project.

Any help or ideas for additional language support are welcome -- I'd especially like an excuse to do a Common Lisp port...

If you'd like to make contributions to the project, you'll need to sign the MySQL Code Contributor License Agreement. There is information on doing this at

Checkin privileges are managed through the ndb-bindings team. If you'd like to be able to check code in directly, join the team at:

Of course, if we don't know you, it might take a little proving first.

Javadocs for the NDB/J Java Connector can be found at

We can (usually) be found on freenode IRC on the #mysql-ndb channel.

There is a mainling list at You can sign up at

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Latest version is 0.7.1

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