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This project is a replacement of the "report_intrastat" module available in the "addons" of OpenERP. It has been developed by Akretion France and is currently fully mature for the intrastat reports for France (DEB - Déclaration d'Echange de Biens - and DES - Déclaration Européenne de Services) and for the Netherlands (ICP - Opgaaf IntraCommunautaire Prestaties, contributed by Therp).

Here are some of the limitations of the "report_intrastat" module from OpenERP's "addons" that are solved by this project and the new functionalities :
- support the service declaration
- support for currency conversion
- support the manual additional or modification of lines in the declaration
- stores declarations in the database
- country-specific obligations (full support for France and Netherlands)

If you are looking for professional support and/or training on "new report intrastat for OpenERP" :
- for France (DEB and DES), please contact Alexis de Lattre from Akretion (alexis.delattre _at_ for DEB and DES and
- for the Netherlands, please contact Stefan Rijnhart from Therp (

 To know more about DEB and DES in OpenERP, refer to the specific page on the Akretion website (French only)

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8.0 series is the current focus of development.

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  • port to OpenERP 7.0 on 2013-05-01
    I just ported the code to OpenERP 7.0. It's still fresh and not tested a lot,...