Nikki and the Robots stable-release

The free part of the game is released in a stable version as source code and binaries for Linux, Window and Mac.

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Nikki and the Robots
Yes. Drivers can target bugs and blueprints to this milestone.  


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1 cptfuro, 10 shahn
1 Unknown
1 Won't Fix, 2 Confirmed, 7 Fix Released

1 blueprint and 10 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
End user mode in level editor End user mode in level editor 3 Medium shahn  0 Unknown
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
628153 #628153 FEATURE: make closing of window behave like start button 5 Low shahn  4 Won't Fix
633158 #633158 FEATURE: game pad support 3 High shahn  6 Confirmed
755740 #755740 Physics slowdown although CPU is not fully used 4 Medium shahn  6 Confirmed
620966 #620966 FEATURE: Deployment on Mac 2 Critical shahn  10 Fix Released
626415 #626415 FEATURE: implement copy, cut and paste in level editor 2 Critical shahn  10 Fix Released
626424 #626424 FEATURE: level sanity 3 High shahn  10 Fix Released
628973 #628973 FEATURE: move camera in terminal OEM 3 High shahn  10 Fix Released
651159 #651159 FEATURE: update to new hipmunk version 3 High shahn  10 Fix Released
626422 #626422 FEATURE: implement path editor for moving platforms 4 Medium shahn  10 Fix Released
651257 #651257 FEATURE: Set application icon 4 Medium cptfuro  10 Fix Released
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