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NME, or Nyctergatis Markup Engine, is an open-source ISO-C implementation of a markup parser based on Creole 1.0. Creole ( is a collaborative effort to create a common markup language to be used across different wikis.

NME converts text with markup to other formats, such as HTML or LaTeX. Several output formats are provided, and new ones can be added. Text style can also be collected separately; this is used for displaying formatted text on Windows using MFC or on Mac OS X using Cocoa.

In addition to the core implementation and many optional output formats and extensions which can be used as a library, NME includes a command-line tool which converts text with markup to HTML, JSPWiki, LaTeX, man page, MediaWiki, NME markup itself, RTF, or plain text, with many options.

Provided in the same package, NE (Nyctergatis EPUB) is a library which creates EPUB documents. Command-line tools create electronic books either from NME files (making possible to convert text files to EPUB in minutes, including minor editing to add markup for the chapter titles) or from xhtml and resource files for maximum flexibility. EPUB versions 2 and 3 are supported.

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Nyctergatis Markup Engine
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