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An adventure game with owl that is flying in the woods and wants to help other animals. The game is developed in Python with Pygame modules.

The game is available for all platform on which Python and SDL run (Linux, Windows, Mac OS, other on I develop the game on Ubuntu 10.10 and I also test it on Windows XP besides Ubuntu. The game is available in two variants: Python source code (all platforms; Python (>= 2.6.0) with Pygame (>= 1.8.0; >= 1.9.0 is better) is needed) and Windows executable file (MS Windows; no other software is needed).

If you want to help, you can report all kinds of bugs here on Launchpad. Good English speakers can also report bugs in English texts in the game (e.g. grammatical). You can also also translate the game to another language again by using Launchpad. (I translate the game to Czech).

Video preview can be found here:

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Lukáš Machyán
Lukáš Machyán

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Latest version is 0.1.5
released on 2010-12-31

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