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This is where we rapidly prototype many variations of UI and workflows for the Novacut video editor.

The novacut-prototypes project is where we rapidly prototype UI using HTML5 and canned (pre-generated) video, frame-by-frame thumbnails, and JSON metadata. This makes it easier to prototype as the complexity of working with the live backend is removed.

But unlike mockups, these prototypes are functional, and we can measure how quickly artists can work with different variations. In a nutshell, our goal is to save our target users time, and so we want to measure task efficiency at the prototype stage to decide what variations are worthy of a full implementation.

For details on our measurable UX goals, see:

Join this team if you want to be on the prototypes mailing list:

Detailed instructions on contributing prototypes:

We also share ideas and vet designs with artists using this Vimeo group:

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