Novacut 12.01

The 12.01 release is all about the `novacut` component proper, and the goal is to land the first take of our cutting workflow.

As the GStreamer 1.0 schedule has (understandably) slipped by a few months, we wont be able to do this with all the gst 1.0 glory we're ultimately aiming for, so we're going to fake a few things on the backend for now so we can start iterating on the user experience.

Based on changes that have already landed in UserWebKit and Dmedia, we can now resolve dmedia: URIs into file:// URIs, which means we have fast, non-hacky playback via the <video> tag. And the JavaScript-side playback of sequences that James Raymond put together for the UDS demo seems quite good at delivering frame accurate results. So we can do our real-time preview from JavaScript, and then the final render by reverting the renderer to its Python2, static python-gst days. Not perfect, but it will get use close to the UX we want, despite not being the backend we want.

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