Novacut 13.08

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Jason Gerard DeRose
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1 James Raymond, 1 Jason Gerard DeRose
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Release notes 

No change, just a version and dependency bump.

Note: we're moving to CouchDB 1.4.0 whether or not it gets into Saucy proper, but it's better for us if it *is* in Saucy proper, so please help us test!

Another note: Dmedia has NOT earned its "production ready" wings yet, so please treat this release with the usual caution. Test Dmedia, give us feedback, but don't trust your data to it... yet.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1027546 #1027546 Unable to pan clips in the doodle area 3 High James Raymond  6 Confirmed
846088 #846088 Add benchmark to test ffdec_h264 "max-threads" property [BiteSize] 3 High   7 Triaged
946561 #946561 Decide how to use gettext in our HTML5 UI 3 High   7 Triaged
1020491 #1020491 novacut-0 => dmedia-0 3 High   7 Triaged
1035967 #1035967 Choppy Renders in Quantal 3 High   7 Triaged
1126879 #1126879 Inconsistent scrolling controls in Dmedia and Novacut 3 High   7 Triaged
861663 #861663 Port to GStreamer 1.0 3 High Jason Gerard DeRose  10 Fix Released
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