Nuvola Apps Runtime (Nuvola Player) 1.0.5

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Nuvola Apps Runtime (Nuvola Player)
Jiří Janoušek
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Nuvola Player 1.0.5 contains modified workaround for bug[1][2] present in the latest stable WebKitGTK release (1.8) that causes some Flash-dependent pages are not rendered properly, do not update and are unresponsive to user actions. Unfortunately, this bug affects also Google Play, Grooveshark and Pandora Radio and makes them unusable in Nuvola Player. Thanks to Alin Andrei, I have discovered the bug doesn’t appear if the window has certain “magic” size.

The latest stable Nuvola Player release 1.0.5 contains simple workaround that sets window size to magic values that worked during my tests. However, these values may be dependent on user settings, e.g. GTK theme, window manager, font sizes, whatever. If the default workaround does not work for you, you can try to set your own magic values:

1) Quit Nuvola Player (hiding the window is not enough).
2) Open or create file .config/nuvolaplayer/ui_state.conf
3) Append following lines:
bug958154_window_w = 1010
bug958154_window_h = 534
5) Replace “1010” with your magic window width and “534” with your magic window height.
4) Save the file
5) Launch Nuvola Player
6) If the values don’t work, go to 1.

If you are affected by that bug, I encourage you to add some “heat” to the Ubuntu bug[2] or upstream bug[1].



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