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Sometimes seeking in an ogg vorbis file (or even playback) is broken. One common source of this kind of files are streaming media services.

This tool attempts to fix these files again.

An ogg file is organized in packets that contain a small portion of audio data. To allow the audio player to jump forward or backward for e.G. 5 seconds every packet is equipped with a so-called granulepos, a number that tells how far after the beginning of the playback this packet has to be played.
If these granulepos markers are corrupt seeking inside the ogg file will not work - and some players even refuse to play back such a file.

oggfix now reads an ogg vorbis file and recalculates the granulepos of every packet without any re-encoding step that would loose audio quality.

Another purpose this program may serve (although I have no files to test this feature on) is removing ID3 Tags from Ogg Vorbis files that have erroneously tagged with ID3 instead of ogg tags - another thing that commonly results in unplayable files.

Until this project is released packages can be downloaded at

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