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An open, integrated, easy-to-use, GUI-managed SMTP gateway scanning your emails for spam and viruses.

The Open AS Communication Gateway (or short 'AS') aims to be a all-in-one solution of an SMTP gateway: It accepts incoming email, performs various antispam-related processes like blacklisting, virus- and spam-scanning, and relays the mails to pre-defined SMTP servers. It's built upon an Ubuntu Server system, and can be entirely managed via a user-friendly web-frontend.

Main features include:
 * Recipient maps (specified manualy or fetched via LDAP, e.g. from MS AD)
 * White- and black-listing based on e-mail addresses, hostnames, domain-names, network ranges, CIDR ranges, reverse lookups and so on
 * Remote blacklisting (DNSBLs, URI DNSBLs, etc.)
 * Greylisting
 * Spam-scanning and scoring
 * Virus-scanning
 * Attachment scanning
 * Dynamic "Score Matrix", which lets you define what to do with mails from a certain origin, to what extent, at what score, etc.
 * End-User-maintainable email quarantining
 * A very pretty, user-friendly web GUI

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Open AS Team
Open AS Team
GNU Affero GPL v3

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