Move to Github, integration in OCA and a new name!

Written for OpenERP-Asterisk connector by Alexis de Lattre on 2014-11-05

I announce today severval big changes in the project :
1) the project is now part of OCA, the Odoo Community Association which is a non-profit organisation that support and organise community developments on Odoo
2) the project has been moved from Launchpad to Github: you will now find it here:
3) we took advantage of this move to Github to change the name of the project: the new name is "connector-telephony". So, as I suggested in the previous news, the new name doesn't include the word "Asterisk", because the project contains many modules independant from Asterisk and it could welcome in the future some modules for other IPBXes.

Dear users, I hope that you will be happy with these 3 changes and that you will now get the code from its new home on Github, report bugs there and propose patches and new modules.

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