OpenERP-Asterisk connector

Registered 2012-04-17 by Alexis de Lattre

Asterisk is an OpenSource software for telephony. It is used worldwide to run IPBXes inside companies. This project connects Asterisk to OpenERP.

The OpenERP module "asterisk_click2dial" has been developed by Akretion France and is are currently fully mature. The module "asterisk_click2dial_crm" has been developped by Zikzakmedia.

The maintainer of the Asterisk-OpenERP connector is Alexis de Lattre from Akretion (alexis.delattre _at_

To know more about the OpenERP-Asterisk connector, refer to the documentation available on the Akretion website

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OpenERP Project Group
Alexis de Lattre
OpenERP Asterisk commiters
Development focus:

7.0 series 

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Programming Languages:
GNU Affero GPL v3

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OpenERP-Asterisk connector 7.0 series is the current focus of development


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