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Modules which enable integration between OpenERP and Asterisk
(including call logging / screen pop )

The core Asterisk360 module adds the ability to recognise and pop-up the history of customers and log incoming calls via Asterisk.

Detailed documentation can be found at

The module is based on and an extension of the asterisk_click2dial module of Akretion.
This module has been developed in co-operation with Cmass Ltd.

The module has the following abilities:

    - Initiates outgoing calls from scheduled phone calls
    - Creates phone logs for outgoing and incoming calls
    - Auto pop-up of partner history if phone number is recognised for incoming calls
    - Population of phone log with partner and contact (if matched) as well as call duration

... and much more.

Requirements and Installation

This module is complex, proficient knowledge of Asterisk and OpenERP is necessary.
Detailed instructions can be found at

Project information

GNU Affero GPL v3

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7.0 series is the current focus of development.

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