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Swedish localizations
Minimal and normal BAS 2012 chart of accounts. Swedish address fields and postcodes
(partner, bank, company and CRM)
* l10n_se
* partner_swepostcodes
* crm_swepostcodes

 Skatteverket forms and SRU-codes for Ink2, Ink3 and Ink4 companies and SIE-export, demo and testdata
(early stages)
* l10n_se_ink
* l10n_se_demo / l10n_se_demo_k1

Sale, account and invoice
Separate form for sale. This form can be adjusted without tempering with the standard
form. A modern implementation of a flashy contract offer folder (early stages).
Search for sale orders by invoice id, and a better listing of sale orders on the invoice
which is important when you have many sale orders in one invoice. Makes it possible to
print the order_ref on invoices

* sale_minimal_form
* service_rich_quotations
* sale_search_invoice
* account_invoice_sale_order_ids
* account_invoice_client_order_ref

* carddav
* Service Management

Project information

Vertel AB
Anders Wallenquist
GNU Affero GPL v3

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