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OpenGEU is an Ubuntu variant combining the best of the Ubuntu world with the lightness and the magnificence and beauty of E17.

OpenGEU, previously known as Geubuntu, is a complete and fully functional Operative System based on the popular Linux Distribution Ubuntu. OpenGEU is perfect for any Desktop, Laptop PC or even for a Virtual Machine. OpenGEU mixes the power and simplicity of Ubuntu and parts of the Gnome Desktop with the wonder and astonishing eye-candy of Enlightenment DR17.

OpenGEU will be a new experience for any user trying to run a stand-alone E17 Desktop in the past. To know exactly what Enlightenment is, we suggest you visit the Home Page of the project. On the user side, E17 appears as an incredibly nice looking Desktop Shell, composed of a Window Manager, a full set of libraries, a Desktop and a collection of modules and applications. In this stage, Enlightenment alone is not enough to make your desktop fully functional. The Enlightenment team itself has no plans on having Enlightenment become a full Desktop Environment like Gnome, KDE or XFCE.

That's where OpenGEU comes in. OpenGEU completes the missing parts of the E17 Desktop Shell and WM with a certain number of tools and applications from the Gnome Desktop. In OpenGEU you can find a classic Ubuntu set of applications mixed with those provided and created from and for E17. Since this would not be enough for an easy integration of Gnome and E17, OpenGEU introduces a number of new E17 modules, applications and configurations specifically designed by the OpenGEU Team for you to enjoy a new and easier desktop experience! You'll discover a finally usable and productive Enlightenment 0.17 Desktop, even if you are a beginner!

To help the project you can contact us, read the wiki and see if you can help coding some of the tools and E17 modules we need for the future releases. This of course is the most important way you can help the project; but you can contribute with new artwork and post in the forum, even participating to the forum as a common user or an helper is OK and makes you a contributor. Reporting bugs here is of course a great way to contribute and help us, specially if you find the way to resolve those bugs ;)
You can of course donate money to the project or you can simply host our iso releases.

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