Registered by Johannes Roith is a set of libraries (for C#, Java PHP and Python) that implement a simple but powerful API to connect to different groupware servers. Additionally we also develop a modular open mapi proxy server that provides common features like logging, load-balancing, etc.

For Developers of groupware-clients makes it possible to develop clients that can connect to different backend servers.
The flip-side of this is that servers automatically gain support for IMAP-, POP3-, and mobile clients (like the iPhone or Windows-Mobile-based devices) through our gateways and for any client written using OpenMapi libraries.
Finally MAPI is a fairly generic object store and we expect many special-purpose applications that require fast, distributed objects to make use of

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GNU Affero GPL v3, GNU LGPL v2.1

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0.1 series is the current focus of development.

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C#, Java, Python, C, C++, OCaml, JavaScript

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