openstack-ansible 10.1.11

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Christopher H. Laco
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2 Bjoern, 1 Charles Farquhar, 1 Christopher H. Laco, 1 Darren Birkett, 1 David, 2 David Wilde, 1 Ian Cordasco, 1 Javeria Khan, 1 Jesse Pretorius, 2 Kevin Carter, 2 Matthew Thode, 1 Miguel Grinberg, 1 Tom
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21d32b3 - Set default inventory file for
6e9a47c - Merge "Change wsrep_sst_method to xtrabackup-v2" into juno
a19e72f - Change wsrep_sst_method to xtrabackup-v2
62e4be6 - Update defaults for db_timeout/max_pool_size for nova/neutron/keystone
d715e1c - Add remote procedure call tunables to nova and neutron
0da3a58 - Disable Unattended Upgrades
a5709cb - Allow configuration of all default quota options
a152093 - Merge "Added openstack_kernel options for gc_thresh" into juno
5310092 - Merge "Introduce logrotate in all Openstack containers." into juno
e155126 - Added openstack_kernel options for gc_thresh
9326d1e - Updated juno for new dev work - 07.20.2015
36bbda6 - Merge "Adding missing role for maas user creation" into juno
a99d418 - Merge "Parameterize galera slow/unindexed logging options" into juno
c028a2e - Parameterize galera slow/unindexed logging options
abb841a - Update for PLUMgrid Metadata configuration parameters
6994044 - Merge "allow innodb_buffer_pool_size to be configurable" into juno
de2f4ff - Merge "Fixing protocol for UDP in horizon for the juno releases" into juno
c02988a - Merge "Sort dynamic inventory files in juno" into juno
03396d3 - Fixed minor typo in etc/README.rst "Global Options" section
085e207 - Merge "remove conntrackd package" into juno
e2fbb81 - Sort dynamic inventory files in juno
d2dbe1b - allow innodb_buffer_pool_size to be configurable
eb1eabb - Fixing protocol for UDP in horizon for the juno releases
9589f3c - Updated juno for new dev work - 07.07.2015
9c32b01 - Adding missing role for maas user creation
c9eb304 - remove conntrackd package
0489251 - Introduce logrotate in all Openstack containers.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1478105 #1478105 Rejoining galera cluster fails with default wsrep_sst_method setting 2 Critical David Wilde  10 Fix Released
1438417 #1438417 No logrotate config in containers 3 High Tom  10 Fix Released
1459414 #1459414 Heat WaitCondition URL points to internalURL Endpoint 3 High Miguel Grinberg  10 Fix Released
1466010 #1466010 Tempest requirements not in sync with openstack 3 High Kevin Carter  10 Fix Released
1411897 #1411897 Make package auto updates tunable 5 Low Christopher H. Laco  10 Fix Released
1454324 #1454324 should automatically load inventory file 5 Low Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1457196 #1457196 Turn off log file logging in conntrackd 5 Low Darren Birkett  10 Fix Released
1463956 #1463956 slow_query_log should be off by default and relocated 5 Low David Wilde  10 Fix Released
1472038 #1472038 Sort dynamic inventory files in juno/icehouse 5 Low David  10 Fix Released
1472884 #1472884 Very minor typo in /etc/README.rst 5 Low Charles Farquhar  10 Fix Released
1474243 #1474243 PLUMgrid metadata config needs to be updated 5 Low Javeria Khan  10 Fix Released
1427893 #1427893 Please increase the network neighbour L2 tables 6 Wishlist Kevin Carter  10 Fix Released
1461623 #1461623 Horizon SESSION_TIMEOUT should be exposed 6 Wishlist Ian Cordasco  10 Fix Released
1471926 #1471926 Add rpc tunables to nova.conf 6 Wishlist Matthew Thode  10 Fix Released
1472646 #1472646 Wrong protocol for DNS rule inside horizon 6 Wishlist Bjoern  10 Fix Released
1478071 #1478071 set default database pool timeouts and pool sizes for larger deployments 6 Wishlist Matthew Thode  10 Fix Released
1472688 #1472688 raxmon-all playbook fails in juno (10.1.10) 1 Undecided Bjoern  10 Fix Released
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