openstack-ansible 11.2.10

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Jesse Pretorius
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1 Andy McCrae, 1 Darren Birkett, 1 Jesse Pretorius, 1 Kevin Carter, 2 Major Hayden
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9abc2c8 Use current, but pinned versions of pip, setuptools and wheel
f4fab42 Update PLUMgrid Appendix Doc paths
89b48af Move swift memcache conf into separate file
aff5642 only sync the necessary directories in repo-mirror-sync
81f4565 Pin wheel version in repo_server role
0eb37d2 Docs: Horizon ssl config for Kilo
882da3b Update RabbitMQ to v3.5.7-1
52c7bba Add cap for ansible-lint
43b01a7 Updated config parsing for listOPS
4b218c8 Update bashate lint checks re: E005, E006, E040
79a250f Docs: Manual nova_spice_console removal
c9a64de Updates all repo SHAs to open up work on 11.2.10
9793c5e Add filter & lookup plugins to tests
ba6255b Updated upgrade process for container restarts
6914915 Fix failing tests in defcore test set

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1545505 #1545505 Repo stored version of wheel does not match version installed on repo containers 3 High Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1542121 #1542121 swift container-reconciler error connecting to memcached 4 Medium Andy McCrae  10 Fix Released
1543588 #1543588 using a listOP with config_template in an INI file will break openstack services 4 Medium Kevin Carter  10 Fix Released
1544035 #1544035 in kilo, repo-clone-mirror syncs a lot of unneeded data from the upstream mirror 4 Medium Darren Birkett  10 Fix Released
1487155 #1487155 Juno to Kilo upgrade: nova spice console services should be removed 5 Low Major Hayden  10 Fix Released
1488578 #1488578 Add defaults for horizon ssl certs into 5 Low Major Hayden  10 Fix Released
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