openstack-ansible 12.0.2

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Jesse Pretorius
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6 Jesse Pretorius, 3 Miguel Alejandro Cantu
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c0de22d Added ceilometer-polling upstart jobs
6b591d5 Add documentation for HA ceilometer
b38389c Adjust default nova_force_config_drive to be False
6736537 Improve message of the
814d472 Implement tunable Horizon/Apache processes/threads overrides
9f322f7 Change AIO bootstrap disk preparation
cdedd77 Implement tunable heat api and engine worker overrides
a93a068 Implement tunable Ceilometer workers
1eac0a5 Implement new Liberty default for Neutron rpc_workers
9ff0859 Allow Horizon Custom Branding
7e12b6f Update neutron service handler to restart only enabled services
d998347 Optimise the workers used for all services for the AIO
71cba27 Update some steps in quickstart-aio.rst
fd76360 Removing the references of the elk stack
b771f2c Add "httpchk /versions" for glance-api haproxy.
6de2bfe Remove flake8 test from gate-check-commit
5ecdfb5 Remove ssh args to ensure pipelining is working
6cb02d8 Update Liberty SHA's - 23.11.2015
1966e43 Remove duplicated Aodh host var
d9dd18f Fixed haproxy backend config issue
e666992 Update requirements to suit the existence of lxc vg
9172716 Fix logrotate config for horizon and keystone.

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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1476770 #1476770 _translate_from_glance fails with "AttributeError: id" in grenade 3 High Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1489451 #1489451 Not able to connect memcached_container while running setup-infrastructure.yml 3 High Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1503768 #1503768 keystoneclient.exceptions.RequestTimeout with requests==2.8.0 3 High Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1505326 #1505326 Unit tests failing with requests 2.8.0 3 High Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1519423 #1519423 Ceilometer-agent-central not running even though playbooks successfully run 3 High Miguel Alejandro Cantu  10 Fix Released
1513455 #1513455 haproxy config fails when containers are missing 4 Medium Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1519462 #1519462 Ceilometer using deprecatd admin_* options in keystone_authtoken 4 Medium Miguel Alejandro Cantu  10 Fix Released
1518005 #1518005 HA for ceilometer agents/notifier not implemented 5 Low Miguel Alejandro Cantu  10 Fix Released
1518492 #1518492 Flawed volume delete behavior in teardown script 5 Low Jesse Pretorius  10 Fix Released
1520628 #1520628 force_config_drive default for Liberty 5 Low   10 Fix Released
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